Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump
130kW Reversible Ground Source Heat Pump SI130TUR+
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130kW Reversible Ground Source Heat Pump SI130TUR+


130kW Reversible Ground Source Heat Pump SI130TUR+


Reversible brine-to-water heat pump with waste heat recovery in cooling operation.

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Heat pump for heating and cooling with integrated regulation installed indoors. Variable connection options for brine and heating connections on the back board of the casing. Access for service work from the front, no minimum clearance required on the sides, accessible from underneath with a lift truck. A sound-optimised metal casing and the integrated solid-borne sound insulation with free-swinging compressor base plate make direct connection with the heating system possible. High coefficients of performance (COP) thanks to compliance with EN 14511 for larger volume flows on the heat consumption side. Optimised heating and cooling operation via an external four-way reversing valve which is activated by the controller (special accessory). Reversible refrigeration circuit with additional heat exchanger for higher domestic hot water temperatures in heating operation and waste heat recovery in cooling operation. Sensor monitoring of the refrigeration circuit for a high degree of operational safety and integrated thermal energy metering (display of the calculated quantity of thermal energy for heating, domestic hot water and swimming pool water preparation). The control panel is integrated in a design screen and can also be used as wired remote control using the wall mounting set (special accessories MS PGD). Universal design with flexible expansion options for:

  • Bivalent or bivalent-renewable operating mode
  • Combined distribution systems for heating and cooling
  • Unmixed and mixed heating and cooling circuit
  • Combination of active and passive cooling (special accessory)

Silent cooling via panel heating/cooling systems requires the use of the room climate station (special accessory) to regulate the flow temperature on the basis of the air temperature and humidity of a reference room. Soft starter, load contactor for brine circulating pump, integrated flow and return sensor; external sensor (standard NTC-2) and dirt filter for brine circuit included in the scope of supply. Brine package SZB must be ordered separately.


Technical Specifications

Key Features
Colour/Finish/MaterialWhite (similar to RAL 9016)
Heat Output (kW)108.5kW @ B0/W35
Heat Pump CoP4.50
Product Identification
Product model numberSI130TUR+
Height (mm)1890.00
Depth (mm)775.00
Width (mm)1350.00
Weight (kg)797.50
Additional Features
Electric supply400V