Residential projects

  • Rented or owned home

  • Social housing

  • Retirement homes

  • Student Accommodation 

Non-residential projects

  • Retail, offices & small industrial

  • Historic buildings 

  • Education 

  • Community

Helping professionals keep pace with the heating market

As a market leading innovator and the world’s largest manufacturer of electric heating products, Dimplex remains at the forefront of current and future developments in electric space heating.

The UK heating market is changing faster than ever before. The rising cost of energy is forcing homeowners, suppliers and the government to find ways of reducing fuel consumption.

36% of the UK’s energy is used to heat the space and hot water in our buildings. So it is no surprise there is a concerted effort to reduce our exposure to volatile price movements. The UK remains committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050, relative to 1990 levels. This means that we need to secure lower carbon energy supplies today.

As electricity moves to low carbon sources of generation, and with significant drops in emissions targets expected by 2030, electricity will become a universal and versatile source of low carbon energy.

Electricity is the obvious choice for our future heating needs due to its many benefits, both at national and local level…