Intelligent Fan Convectors

A smart hydronic heating and cooling emitter designed to work alongside heat pumps in residential applications

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intelligent fan convector
intelligent fan convector
intelligent fan convector

Intelligent Fan Convectors

The SmartRad intelligent fan convector is a heating and cooling emitter designed specifically to work with lower temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. They are an ideal solution for both new build and refurbishment projects and, when the specified to provide comfort cooling, can offer a price premium to houses and apartments. The heating and cooling range can be cascaded to meet the space heating or cooling requirements.

Benefits and Application


The energy efficient technology of the SmartRad when partnered with a heat pump helps to optimise the heat pump’s Coefficient of Performance (COP), further reducing the carbon emissions and energy consumption of the building.

High efficiency

The fast and responsive design reduces the demand on a heating system when working to reach and maintain the temperature in a space, offering greater comfort for occupants with maximum efficiency.

Flexible controls

Room by room control is available, as well as the ability to be fully integrated with any modern building management system (BMS).

Fast response times

The units’ low thermal mass and high efficiency heat exchanger considerably reduces the time it takes to heat up a room and respond to changes in thermal requirements, whilst also decreasing the chances of over-heating a space.


Three and a half times smaller and delivering the same output compared to the equivalent conventional steel panel radiator at low temperatures thanks to fanned convection.

Range of aesthetics

A range of stylish white metal, white glass or black glass finishes are available to compliment all types of interior design.

Product specification

We offer a range of three phase ground source heat pumps for commercial and residential projects:

Model Ranges Output Heating capacity Cooling capacity Aesthetics
Heating only SRX080EM, SRX120EM, SRX140EM & SRX180EM 500W – 3100W 465W - 3102 W N/A

Available in Metallic white

Heating and Cooling SRX070EC, SRX120EC & SRX160EC 450W-3000W 360W – 2969W 431W – 1104W N/A

Application Design

Our team of engineers can offer an initial design recommendation for your heating and cooling system, including an energy source such as a heat pump. All designs are to the relevant specification, building and occupant requirements, and budget.

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We offer a range of accredited CPDs aimed at giving you technical and compliance information. This includes CPDs on heat pumps, ambient networks and on the Future Homes Standard and upcoming changes to Part L and Part F.

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To learn more about SmartRad and the commercial and technical benefits that applying this solution to your design can bring, contact us to be put in contact with your regional HVAC specialist.

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