Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery   

An energy efficient, Passivhaus compliant solution for continuous extraction of stale humid air, heat recovery and simultaneous supply of fresh air into multiple spaces.

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Mechanical Ventilation
Mechanical Ventilation
Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Our NaturalAir 180 and 350 MVHR systems draw in fresh air from the outside whilst exhausting stale, damp internal air. The energy from the extracted air can be used to raise the temperature of the incoming flow and supply fresh, filtered warm air efficiently to multiple spaces.

The high energy efficiency of our MVHR units is ideal for modern sustainable residential developments and commercial spaces. The units meet the criteria for Part F of the Building Regulations , and combining our units with low carbon technologies such as the Edel Hot Water Heat Pump or The Zeroth Energy System can make achieving strict building services compliance standards easier.


High Efficiency

The highly efficient EC motor and design of the unit results in a low Specific Fan Power (SFP) of our balanced multiple room ventilation systems that are SAP Appendix Q listed to help achieve compliance.

Hassle-free Installation and Maintenance

NaturalAir units come in two lightweight sections that are designed for easy onsite installation, saving valuable time. The MVHR units in our range require minimal maintenance; whilst fans, filters and heat exchangers are easy to access to minimise system downtime if maintenance is required.


Our NaturalAir range has an integrated datalogger to record key information helping landlords and local authorities reduce damage to their properties through condensation and mould.

Occupant Comfort

The NaturalAir units come with control functions that afford occupants the ability to adjust their settings as desired, including summer bypass. The clever humidity control and sound absorbing materials used ensure quiet operation of the MVHR units and continuous fresh air supply for complete occupant comfort.



Model Natural Air 180 Natural Air 180 PH* Natural Air 350 Natural Air 350 PH*
Motor Type EC Backward Curved EC Forward Curved Constant Volume EC
Speed Trickle, Boost, Purge
Max Fan Power (W) 154 151 215
Max Extract Performance (FID/m3/h) 230 360 350
Max Extract Performance (m3/h@250Pa) 218 350 350
Max Extract Performance (FID, I/s) 64 100
Max Extract Performance 60 97
Weight (Kg) Type 19.5 19.8 33.7 33.7


We offer a range of accredited CPDs aimed at giving you technical and compliance information. This includes CPDs on heat pumps, ambient networks and on the Future Homes Standard and upcoming changes to Part L and Part F.

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Application Design

Our team of engineers can offer an initial design recommendation for your heating and cooling system, including an energy source such as a heat pump. All designs are to the relevant specification, building and occupant requirements, and budget.

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To find out how your project could benefit from mechanical ventilation with heat recovery or to see how MVHR units can be incorporated into a low carbon HVAC system alongside heat pumps or hybrid technology, speak to one of our HVAC specialists.

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