Commercial Offices

Reliable HVAC solutions to meet thermal and compliance requirements for commercial offices

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Commercial Offices

We have a range of technologies designed to be lower carbon solutions for more sustainable and better performing commercial offices. Our solutions are flexible enough to meet the thermal demands of the building and preferred aesthetics, whilst being compliant, thoroughly tested and designed to work within your budget.


From initial specification, to application design advice and face to face product training, offering end-to-end service and support is an integral part of what we do for our customers. We also offer bespoke witness testing for project specific fan coil solutions.

Specification support

Our team of industry experts have extensive experience and knowledge with HVAC specification, application and regulations to help support you in delivering the best solution for your project.

Design support

Our Application Design Team can offer you initial design recommendation for applying our solutions to your project. This includes sizing heat pumps, alongside buffer vessel, cylinders and hydraulic schematic advice, and selecting fan coils.


We offer various accredited CPDs in relation to commercial design on topics such as heat pumps, fan coils and air curtains, as well as many others.

Training programs

Our range of product training courses are designed to support the specification and installation of different solutions, such as fan coils. These can be delivered at one of our six training centres, or on site where we will bring everything we need for the interactive hands-on sessions.


We know that each project is different and that it’s not a case of one size fits all. Our range of technologies and solutions are designed to support your specification, budget and buildings requirements.

Find out more about some of our technologies and solutions suitable for commercial office spaces:

Heat pumps

Renewable energy solutions which use natural sources such as the air, ground and water to provide heating, hot water and cooling services to sustainable commercial office building.

Fan coils

Low carbon, energy efficient and versatile solutions for delivering heating or heating and cooling to commercial spaces. Built-in controls allow for the continuous monitoring of commercial office spaces to maintain optimum comfort for maximum efficiency. They can be exposed or concealed to meet the building’s aesthetic requirements.

Direct acting panel heaters

Energy efficient and cost-effective electric heating solutions, ideal for commercial office spaces such as reception areas, where no pipework requirements offer design flexibility.

Intelligent fan convectors

A fan assisted convector specifically designed to work with low temperature systems such as heat pumps. Offering fast acting and energy efficient heating or heating and comfort cooling for commercial office spaces.

Technical Resources

Find technical resource on a range of our solutions suitable for commercial office, including product information such as BIM files and spec sheets.

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Knowledge Centre

Visit our Knowledge Centre for technical, compliance and further industry information, aimed at getting you the information you need to know.

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To discuss our solutions in relation to a commercial project, fill out our contact form and we will pass your detail onto your regional HVAC specialist.

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