Residential Housing

Low carbon, scalable solutions for delivering hot water, heating, ventilation and cooling services to new housing developments

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residential housing
residential housing
residential housing

Residential Housing

We offer fully scalable and flexible solutions for providing energy efficient HVAC services into new housing developments. Our solutions support in achieving changing compliances whilst meeting local requirements at a cost effective rate, which address project requirements at its core.


Service and support are key parts of our offering, starting from initial specification through to product design and installation.

Specification support

We have a team of experts with extensive experience working alongside housing developers to deliver solutions that help achieve planning and compliance.

Design support

Our Application Design team can provide you with an initial design recommendation in-line with your specification, budget and space requirements. This can be an end-to-end system proposal including heating, hot water, ventilation and comfort cooling services, where required.


We have a range of accredited CPDs designed to help building professionals better understand HVAC solutions from specification, to application and possible routes to achieve compliance.

Training programs

Our range of product training courses are available to help reduce risk and support the understanding and installation of our various solutions. We can deliver these at one of our UK training centres or at a site of your choosing, bringing with us everything we need for an interactive hands-on session.


We have strong relationships with our customers and understand the balance between budget and delivering efficient buildings. We offer a range of flexible solutions from full hydronic systems to a complete direct electric design, to employing a hybrid strategy which link efficient hot water production to gas central heating.

Find out more about our range of solutions for residential housing:

Heat pumps

We offer a range of heat pumps, available in varying capacities, to suit your project requirements, including budget and space limitations.

Hot water heat pumps

A low carbon and energy efficient solution for providing hot water to residential developments that also acts as a perfect partner for hybrid systems alongside electric panel heating or a gas boiler.

Intelligent fan convectors

Our fan assisted convector radiator, SmartRad, is designed as an emitter for low temperature systems such as heat pumps; avoiding oversizing whilst maintaining heat output, with comfort cooling capabilities.

Water cylinders

Light and easy to handle, our direct and indirect cylinders offer a cost effective and energy efficient solution to provide hot water to residential housing.

Mechanical ventilation

Offering both through wall and whole house systems, our mechanical ventilation range has been designed to save time on installation whilst being quiet in operation and meeting minimum design standards.

Technical Resources

View our range of downloadable technical resources, including spec sheets, compliance guides and further product information.

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Knowledge Centre

Our Knowledge Centre is designed to help keep you up to date with regulatory, industry and technical information.

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Visit our contact us page to be put in touch with your regional HVAC specialist to discuss your housing project requirements.

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