Safety First With Dimplex

At Dimplex we design every product with safety front and centre, and used correctly our electric heaters should be much safer than other types of heating.

When looking to buy a safe electrical heater the best thing that you can do is look for a BEAB approved European Safety Mark. This is the highest safety standard achievable in the UK market. You will find this mark on a product, its packaging and literature, and on the majority of Dimplex electric heaters.

And remember, with electric heaters there is no fuel burned internally, so no naked flame, no risk of fumes, carbon monoxide, or the dangers of storing and changing gas bottles that comes with using gas portable heaters.

When used correctly electric heaters are one of the safest ways to warm a room.

Remember this basic safety advice whenever you use an electric heater

  • Avoid buying second hand heaters
  • Put your heater on a level surface and away from any potential obstruction
  • Do not power a heater from an extension lead as these can be easily overloaded causing fires
  • Never cover, drape or leave clothing on an electric heater. Never use it to dry your clothes!
  • Keep your heater a safe distance, at least a metre, from clothes, curtains and furniture
  • Always turn off your heater and allow it to cool before moving it
  • Your heater should be regularly inspected for damage and deterioration. Do not use it if uncertain or if there is apparent damage
  • Always use the portable heater for the application it was intended.

When looking to buy an electric heater, choose to buy from recognised manufacturers and retailers and demand that the product shows the BEAB mark as an assurance of safety.

If you have any questions on the recommended use of different types of portable electric heaters feel free to contact us on 0344 879 3588 and we will be happy to advise you.