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Dimplex Showers

Dimplex electric showers work by taking water from the mains a cold supply, running it over a heating element to warm and then passing it out through the shower head. Thanks to various cable and water entry points, these showers make an ideal replacement for any mains cold fed showers.

Why choose A Dimplex shower?

Dimplex Vital and Verve showers have been created for total convenience and comfort, with simple push-button stop/start operation for ease of use. Both models feature easy rub-clean shower head nozzles for the prevention of lime scale build up. The Verve model offers maximum installation flexibility, while the Vital is an ideal stop start shower for those with affordability in mind

Each model also features BEAB approval, which means it’s been independently approved to Europe’s highest electrical product safety standard, and they also hold an A energy rating.

The ultimate in convenience: No need to worry about redecorating thanks to the larger footprint and SmartFit technology integrated in Verve showers

The ultimate in control: Hassle free push button start/stop control, retaining your favourite temperature settings on both Vital and Verve models

The ultimate in comfort: Four power settings on both Vital and Verve models allow you to find the perfect balance of flow rate and temperature for year-round comfortable showering


Dimplex Verve shower

Designed for effortless installation

Dimplex Verve has been designed specifically for easy installation, featuring our patented SmartFit technology. This shower features eight plumbing entry options and twin terminal blocks for left or right side, top bottom or rear feed cable entry. Its larger footprint allows for the easy replacement of virtually any electric shower with minimal or no redecoration required.


Verve Key Features

With affordability in mind

The Dimplex Vital is a simple to use, push-button stop start electric shower for those with affordability in mind. This shower features right hand side connectivity options, with four water entry points and three electrical connection entry options. With simple controls for ease of use and a single mode shower head, this shower provides both affordability and convenience.


Vital Key Features

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