Intelligent heating for a low energy world

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The perfect heat pump partner

Dimplex SmartRad sets new standards for the way we think about our heating. Fast and responsive, accurate room by room control, a choice of styles and designed specifically to work with modern, renewable heating systems such as heat pumps. SmartRad offers a practical, cost effective alternative without the constraints associated with oversized radiators.

SmartRad glass front SmartRad metal front

Intelligent heating

Cost effective, practical alternative to underfloor heating. Much more energy efficient than conventional radiators stylish, compact design, with a choice of white metal, white glass or black glass finishes. Designed for low water temperature operation. Optimises heat pump CoP

Less energy, less water more heat

SmartRad is an intelligent fan convector, able to use far lower temperature water – and far less of it – than conventional radiator systems. This provides a number of advantages, not least that it makes SmartRad ideal for use with heat pumps.

Space saving, high efficiency

Unlike conventional radiators, Smart Rad utilises a compact, high efficiency heat exchanger and intelligently controlled fan to assist convection and delivery of heat into the room. This significantly increases heat output, meaning that – despite much lower water temperatures – SmartRads are significantly more powerful and as a result can be 3½ times smaller than a conventional steel convector radiator with the same level of output.

Product information

Low mass, accurate control, less energy

Containing only 5% of the water volume of a conventional radiator, the low thermal mass of SmartRad means heat up time, responsiveness, control – and ultimately comfort – are significantly improved.