Accessories for installed heating

Dimplex products comply with EN60335, the European Standard covering safety requirements of electric heating appliances, and momentary contact with any part of the heater should not cause injury. However, in order to be effective, heaters of any type do get hot especially around the air outlet grille.

Therefore, if aged or infirm persons, or young children, are likely to be left unsupervised in the vicinity of a heater, we advise that precautions should be taken to ensure that contact cannot occur.

We recommend that a guard is fitted around the heater as is normal with some types of heating appliances in similar circumstances.

A wide range of accessories is available to increase the versatility of Dimplex Quantum heaters and storage heaters.

Storage heater shelves

Available to suit most Dimplex storage heaters, these robust steel shelves are finished to match the heaters and provide protection against heaters being covered. A minimum clearance of 150mm between the heater and the shelf must be maintained.

Protective guards

Aiano have designed a range of wire guards specifically for Dimplex. These guards are suitable for the home.

They offer additional safety from hot surfaces, tampering and damage with no negative affect on performance.

Please contact Aiano for further advice on the most appropriate guard for your particular environment.

These guards are available with a number of different options, for example:

  • Lockable control flaps.
  • Skirting cut-outs.
  • Pipe cut-outs.
  • Sloping tops.
  • Welded feet.
  • Removable and lockable sections.

For further advice contact Aiano on 0207 987 1184 or visit