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With 75 years of trading experience and a dedication to innovation and sustainability, Dimplex continues to provide award winning services across multiple sectors to their customers. With experienced specialists at hand to provide swift end to end service and support your project, Dimplex are dedicated to adding value and exceeding expectations. 



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We strive to be customer-focused in our business. Our Help Centre is complete with expert product information and intuitive to your needs. Product manuals and troubleshooting guides provide insights when choosing solutions for your home.

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As part of Glen Dimplex Group, we are committed to dealing with the sustainability challenges that come with providing heating and ventilation solutions. We aim to redesign the future with solutions that care for people and planet.

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For our trade partners, we provide expertise gained through years of experience. Our curated resource library includes technical guidelines and specification information, to support you at every stage of your project.

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Learn more about what we do. Our range of HVAC solutions aim to provide future proof technologies to building projects over various sectors.

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dimplex zeroth ambient loop in appartment

Zeroth Energy System and district heat networks

The tightening timescales for reaching the 2050 net-zero carbon target require us to accelerate our efforts at the decarbonisation of heat. Ambient loop systems, such as the Zeroth Energy System, are being increasingly specified for multi-occupancy developments due to their high efficiency and capability to reduce a building’s CO2 emissions.This raises the question: can the Zeroth Energy System be specified in a district heating priority area, and can it connect to the district heating network?

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london city skyline

Will the outcomes of COP26 significantly speed up the uptake of low carbon technologies?

We are all waiting to see what the real impact will be from the climate summit COP26 for the construction sector, specifically with regard to the decarbonisation of heat. One of the insights that came out of the second day of the summit, which featured a session on clean technology and innovation, was delivered by UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson:

‘By making clean technology the most affordable, accessible and attractive choice, the default go-to in what are currently the most polluting sectors, we can cut emissions right around the world’.

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