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Dimplex has a vast collection of products and solutions to meet the range of complex demands that come with any residential or commercial project. Our advanced collection is developed to provide comfort without compromise through our cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

Installed Heating

Installed heating from Dimplex provides a robust, fitted electric powered system that is suitable for all types of room or the whole home. There are two types of installed electric heater, direct-acting heaters and Off-peak Quantum and storage heaters.

Heat Pump

Renewable energy solutions using natural sources such as air, ground and water. Heat pumps are the ideal partner for heating and cooling systems designed to work at lower water temperatures, helping to support the design and construction of more energy-efficient buildings.

Portable Heating

A cost effective, safe and reliable solution to supplement heating in your home. Whether you’re looking to take the chill off a room or heat your new workshop or extension, Dimplex offer a choice of convenient heaters in many different types and styles.

Air Treatment

Air treatment is vital to the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Whether you are looking to control damp in the home, reduce allergens or breathe easier, Dimplex offer a wide range of products to suit your lifestyle and help address your needs.


Control and monitor your heating and hot water with Dimplex Control. Group heaters into zones to easily control and track their energy usage. Spot faults and manage multiple sites, anytime. Anywhere. All from one App.


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How do we maximise the potential of heat pump technology to help us achieve net-carbon objectives?

The roadmap to achieve the UK’s 2050 net-zero carbon target is still relatively unclear. This creates uncertainty about the implementation of low carbon solutions in the industry. The lack of direction in turn affects the ability to plan for future developments. Difficult specification choices, doubts over futureproofing strategies, and lack of preparedness for regulatory changes, are just some of the factors affecting heat pump specification in new developments and existing buildings in both residential and commercial sectors.

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heat pump in building

Which technologies are the most viable to deliver the decarbonisation of heating?

To deliver the decarbonisation of heating, we should deploy a wide range of technologies that can help to eliminate the use of high carbon fossil fuels. Electric solutions, especially those that utilise renewable energy, offer a viable route to ensuring our homes are heated in a low carbon way. To successfully transfer to electrical infrastructures and make the necessary adjustments that bring us closer to achieving the UK’s 2050 net zero target, the industry will need a clear plan with achievable interim targets.

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Our Heat Design Team

Need to understand the heat loss and load of a new project? Want to ensure your home is compliant with the latest sustainability regulations? Want to know how to budget for a new heating system?