The Zeroth Energy System

An ambient temperature network solution providing HVAC services to residential developments

An ambient temperature network solution providing HVAC services to residential developments


The Zeroth Energy System is a proven solution that utilises a central ambient loop to supply energy to in-apartment heat pumps. These uplift the energy from the central loop to provide space heating, domestic hot water, and cooling to residential apartments.


Commercial projects for maximum occupant comfort

The Zeroth Energy System was designed in collaboration with leading UK developers to overcome the challenges of modern residential and mixed-use developments. The system is the only communal ambient loop solution with completed installations in the UK. It’s high energy efficiency and flexibility of specification helps support projects in meeting compliance requirements and can help meet project specific design objectives and to set a development apart from others.

Why choose a Zeroth Energy System?


The Zeroth Energy System can offer an overall system efficiency of around 300%. The cooling option, where specified, offers a space cooling efficiency ratio of up to 5:1.



The Zeroth Energy System supports compliance specification under the current Building Regulations but also helps with meeting the objectives of the stricter proposals of the Future Homes Standard.

Specification flexibility

Collaboration with leading UK developers on the Zeroth Energy System resulted in unrivalled specification flexibility, helping projects meet their objectives from source through to design.

Ease of application and installation

Designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for the UK market, each of the Zeroth Heat Pumps arrives on site pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

Acoustic performance

The in-apartment heat pump is extremely well insulated to minimise noise, making the Zeroth Energy System the quietest solution, operating as low as 23dB.

End user comfort and control

A smart thermostat of the designer’s choice can be specified where enhanced control is required. The system can be easily integrated with most building management systems.

Design guide for the Zeroth Energy System

To ensure the efficient and cost-effective design of an ambient network solution, diversity factors need to be correctly considered when calculating the energy demands of the development.

TÜV SÜD and Wallace Whittle, in collaboration with GDHV, have compiled a design guide that assists with the correct sizing, system design and effective implementation of the Zeroth Energy System, highlighting the main considerations and calculations that need to be made.






Each Zeroth Heat Pump comes with a two-year warranty and a fully supported maintenance package is available that extends the warranty up to five years.


Zeroth Benefits

To find out more about the benefits of the Zeroth Energy System for residential and mixed-use developments, download the brochure here.

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Zeroth Energy System

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