Hot Water Heat Pumps

A low carbon, RF enabled, energy efficient solution, utilising air source heat pump technology to provide hot water to residential dwellings.

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Edel Hot Water Heat Pump

With a COP of up to 3.36, our Edel RF Hot Water Heat Pump (HWHP) is a low carbon technology for heating hot water. It consists of a ducted system to supply external air to an internally installed air source heat pump mounted on the top of a water cylinder. The heat pump collects energy from the air and converts this into heat, which is then transferred to the water within the cylinder – creating hot water up to 60°C. 

Edel cylinders feature RF connectivity and can be controlled remotely when connected to a Dimplex Hub.

High renewable contribution icon
High renewable contribution

Listed in SAP Appendix Q, offering a high renewables contribution in SAP

High COP icon
High COP

A COP of up to 3.36 (according to EN16147)

Flexible placement icon
Flexible placement

Suitable for installation within service cupboards, garages and utility rooms

Low operational noise icon
Low operational noise

A high-performance rotary compressor mounted on anti-vibration pads reduces operational noise

5 year guarantee icon
5 year guarantee

Available in a 200L or 270L volume, stainless-steel cylinder, guaranteed for 5 years

Defrost mode icon
Defrost mode

A built in defrost mode makes it suitable for use in temperatures between -7 and 35°C

Product specification

Our hot water heat pump solution is often specified alongside direct acting panel heaters and is available in two sizes:

Product Range Description Controls COP Maximum power input (heat pump and immersion) Air Operating Range Unit Size (mm)
Edel RF Hot Water Heat Pump – 200L Highly efficient hot water only air source heat pump mounted on a stainless-steel water cylinder with two external supply and extract ducts

RF enabled cylinder. When connected to a Dimplex Hub, app control allows for:

  • Visibility of energy use and amount of water being heated.
  • Water temperature control.
  • Activation of home or holiday.mode.
3.36 700 + 1200 = 1900W -7°C to +35°C 630 (W) x 1460 (H))
Edel RF Hot Water Heat Pump – 270L 3.30 630 (W) x 1780 (H)

Technical Resources

For more technical information on the Edel Hot Water Heat Pump, including BIM files and spec sheets, visit out technical resource page.

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Request our CIBSE accredited CPD on hot water heat pumps, which covers how HWHPs work and detailed SAP modelling information.

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