Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs)

Water-to-water heat pumps providing heating and cooling services to new build and refurbishment projects through an open or closed loop system.

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water source heat pump
water source heat pump
water source heat pump

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps (WSHPs) can operate as open or closed loop systems. An open loop system requires a large body of water such as a river, lake or canal, to directly cycle source water through a heat pump unit to extract heat. Closed loop systems, on the other hand, have a sealed water loop linking to a separate plant, with dual heat pumps meaning they can benefit from being low temperature (or ambient) networks.


Efficiency and Cost

We offer heat pumps which balance efficiency and cost to offer units designed to benefit you during the compliance process and create efficient and low carbon building. Heat pump efficiency is measured as a Coefficient of Performance (COP).

Closed loop Systems and compliance

Dual heat pump systems can benefit projects in areas requiring carbon targets beyond Part L, such as London. Although our solution can be used with your choice of plant, pairing it with a commercial air source heat pump offers high efficiencies and provides commercial benefits to designers.

Application Design

Our specialist engineers are available to offer you guidance and advice on choosing a heat pump system for your project which is designed around your specification, building requirements, space limitations and budget. We can also offer advice on buffer vessels and cylinders, as well as hydraulic schematics.

Product specification

Our Zeroth Energy System is our range of closed loop WSHPs, designed to work as a low temperature (or ambient) network for apartment developments:

Product Range Description Nominal Rating at S25/W35* Controller Max Flow Temp
Zeroth Energy System A water-to-water in-apartment heat pump connecting to a low temperature network to provide heating, hot water and cooling services to residential apartments 4 & 6.4kW In-built user-friendly controls, with option for external inputs to third party controllers 55°C heating
*S25= Source temperature at 25°C / W35= water temperature 35°C

If you are looking for an open loop WSHP, we are currently reviewing our existing European range into the UK market. We believe in working with industry to bring a product to market to make sure it meets all necessary requirements. Are you interested in applying this type of system to your project? Contact us to be a part of the discussions.

Technical Resources

To download BIM files, spec sheets and other product information and compliance guides, visit our Technical Resource page to view a range of our solutions and how they can help, including heating and cooling emitters.

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Book a CIBSE accredited CPD to learn more, including on in-apartment heat pumps and ambient networks, an introduction to heat pumps and using heat pumps to pass planning and building regulations.

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We have regional specialists who are able to help discuss our range of solutions with you and how your project might benefit from them. Fill out our form to be put in contact with them or to show your interest in open loop WSHPs.

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