Intelligent HVAC controls

Intelligent control solutions designed to optimise the operation and energy efficiency of HVAC systems to deliver improved user comfort and control

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Men standing talking about system
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We offer a range of control options from dedicated intelligent solution interfaces to remote and centralised control systems, capable of networking wirelessly. We offer control options to suit the specifics of each project, whether it is a residential development, office spaces or hotels and student accommodation.

An efficient control solution is not only a tool to enhance occupant comfort but is increasingly more important for monitoring and management of energy usage in buildings, regardless of their size, purpose or tenure and can be instrumental to the streamlining of HVAC system maintenance.

Controls for Intelligent HVAC system management

  • On-board product controls
    Our products feature combinations of sophisticated electronic thermostats, accurate sensors and intuitive displays to give occupiers complete control over their comfort and energy expenditure. 
  • Dimplex Control
    Cloud controlled and RF enabled network that gives occupiers and managers of residential buildings, of any size, complete control over all aspects of convenience settings and real time regulation, energy reporting and system maintenance.  
  • Smarter Panel Heaters: 
    A multi-estate management system for real time control of heating in individual bedrooms or spaces that has proven to radically reduce energy usage in hotels and student accommodation.  
  • Fan Coil Control: 
    We work with trusted fan coil partners to provide a fully flexible control specification for our fan coils solutions. 


Integration flexibility

A variety of heating, cooling and ventilation technologies can be incorporated into a centrally controlled wired or wireless network when using our Ability fan coil solutions or Dimplex Control enabled technology such as the Edel Hot Water Heat Pump. Depending on the type of control solution, these can be integrated with Building Management Systems, Smartphone apps, cloud technology and third-party HVAC solutions or networks.

Occupant comfort

Intuitive LCDs within the emitters, rooms or zones can provide a complete overview, and a management tool such as the Dimplex Control allows control for separate HVAC functions or the whole system. Pre-set or fully programmable settings for a single emitter give the occupier the versatility to heat, ventilate and cool a space to match their needs and control the supply of hot water. Room or zone controls are available with our Dimplex Control solution and can be specified for fan coil systems too.

Simpler maintenance

Dimplex Control provides real time status of the HVAC system which can be viewed, and diagnostics and repair can be arranged remotely for fault or maintenance issues. This can minimise any HVAC system downtime and reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance. The same features can be specified for our fan coil systems.

Remote access

Radio frequency (RF) communication allows for device data collection and exchange for wireless solutions without additional burden on the wireless set-up in the building. The Dimplex Control and Smarter Panel Heater technology include end-to-end encryption and a secure cloud database provide security at every point of the system communication and our systems can be integrated with 3rd party applications.

Increased energy efficiency

Accurate energy reports and intelligent device control are essential tools to inform and influence the energy habits of occupants. Customised energy reports, where available, can be analysed and unique operational features automated to optimise the energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

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The Zeroth Energy System
"The ambient network solution includes inbuilt user friendly controls that can be integrated with 3rd party controllers and BMS. Speak to our team to find out more about the Zeroth Energy System and our heat pump ranges. "

The Edel Hot Water Heat Pump
"Our low carbon hot water heat pump is RF enabled and can be integrated with the Dimplex Control System. To read more about the benefits for both occupiers and building owners and managers, read our case study. "

Smarter Panel Heaters
"Smarter Panel Heaters were developed to provide hotels and student accommodation with intelligent in-bedroom heat control and management systems. To find out more about, see our case study. "

Fan Coil Systems
"Our Ability fan coils systems can be specified to suit project requirements and the same applies to the fan coil controls. Our case studies provide more information on residential projects and the commercial application of fan coil controls."

Technical Resources

Find more technical information, including controls for our HVAC solution, and download product BIM files and brochures as well as other industry and product relevant resources here.

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We offer a range of accredited CPDs aimed at giving you technical and compliance information. This includes CPDs on heat pumps, low temperature networks, the Future Homes Standard and upcoming changes to Part L and F.

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