Designing Communal Ambient Networks:
Innovative solutions to maximise building efficiency

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zeroth cupboard
zeroth cupboard
zeroth cupboard

Zeroth ambient network

The landscape of our cities is evolving with the increase in high-rise, high density residential developments. At the same time, Building Regulations such as Part L are getting stricter to drive lower carbon developments and to ensure targets, such as Net-Zero 2050, are met.

As a result, building designers are having to look for better performing and increasingly efficient solutions, especially when considering the progression of the Building Regulations and environmental targets.

Find out how ‘Designing Communal Ambient Networks’ can help by delivering:

Increased system efficiency

Significant benefits regarding compliance

Financial benefits, including upfront cost and at market value

Reduced heat loss from communal pipework

Flexibility around the specification of the plant, emitters and controls

A simplified installation process

Ease of service and maintenance for the end user

Whilst fitting within a standard utility cupboard design

Download the guide Designing Communal Ambient Networks - Innovative solutions to maximise building efficiency below:

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