EcoDesign: Everything you need to know

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Remember when we all had to change our lightbulbs to their energy saving equivalents? That was all down to EcoDesign, a piece of Europe wide legislation, which this January will turn its attentions to electrical heating products to ensure that they perform better both for the customers and for the environment. To meet the requirements of this latest legislation new heater controls have been developed, resulting in less harm to the environment and ongoing energy savings for you the user.
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How does it affect you?

When buying a Dimplex product that incorporates the green leaf ‘EcoDesign Compliant’ logo, you are guaranteed a better quality product that uses smart technologies to help keep running costs to a minimum.  

You do not need to replace your existing heaters. Be aware that non-compliant products will no longer be manufactured from January 2018, however they can still be sold after that date until existing stocks run out. This means there is no immediate need to review your heating - just a change in what’s available to you if you do look to undertake refurbishment and replacement projects in the future.

All warranties, even if you purchase a non-compliant product after January 2018 will be honoured as advertised.

What products are changing?

The Dimplex products that will be affected by Lot 20 are all ‘local space heaters’. This is defined as products that heat an inside space by generating heat within the room that they are situated. This includes: storage heaters, direct acting heating (such as panel heaters), portable heaters, radiant heaters and electric fires. The legislation does not affect towel rails or tubular heaters.

Current Dimplex Lot 20 compliant products are: Quantum, QRad and the BPH. The new compliant products to look out for are the PLXE and XLE panel heaters, our portable heating products and electric fires. So, expect to see well over a hundred new and improved EcoDesign compliant products available from the start of 2018, with many more to come.

dimplex quantum digital controls
What technology will be introduced to make the products compliant?

Higher specification products from leading manufacturers will usually be within the new regulations, but entry level products will need to include new technologies. This can include: temperature control with presence detection or open window detection, distance control via an app, and even adaptive start control to suit the requirements of the user. These features help the heater to know when it should be on, for how long for and if it should turn itself off - saving energy and therefore money.

How do I know if I am buying an EcoDesign product?

Look out for the ‘EcoDesign Compliant’ logo on the product listing, and read the specific product description to ensure you are purchasing a Lot20 compliant product. By choosing a Lot 20 compliant product you will be both reducing running costs and contributing to the UK’s energy saving targets.

If you would like to know more about Lot 20 and the EcoDesign Directive, please visit www.Lot20.co.uk or contact our pre-sales team using our contact form.