Read the latest stories on the latest renewable HVAC developments.

Read the latest stories on the latest renewable HVAC developments.



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British Gas launches Dimplex Quantum Tariff

British Gas and Dimplex have partnered to launch the British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff, the UK’s most advanced electric storage heating tariff for use with the Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater.


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model house with blueprints and ecology rating chart

How is the UK Government planning to incentivise low carbon heating system installation through the Heat and Buildings Strategy?

The UK Government announced the much-anticipated Heat and Buildings Strategy on the 18th of November 2021. It revealed ambitions for the transition to low carbon buildings of the future, with plans to phase out fossil fuels in favour of electrification. The Heat and Buildings Strategy outlines how £3.9 billion of funding will be allocated in the three-year term of 2022-2025 to speed up the decarbonisation of heat.

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Zeroth ambient temperature network

How does the Zeroth Energy System address domestic hot water demand and reduce primary energy use in apartments?

Domestic hot water (DHW) is typically the dominant energy load in modern, well insulated buildings. Ambient loops, such as the Zeroth Energy System can significantly reduce the annual CO2 emissions and primary energy use of large residential properties in two ways:

Balancing the DHW demand and output 
Heating water to the required temperature at the point of use

We will consider how the technology achieves these reductions and what the impact is on modern developments. 

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Zeroth Ambient Loop System in apartment

How do ambient networks that use in-apartment heat pumps work?

Ambient networks typically consist of in-apartment water-to-water heat pumps connected via a central loop to a central plant. Each heat pump uses ambient water from the central loop to provide heating, hot water and even cooling into the apartment. For domestic hot water use, the heated water is stored in an unvented, integrated cylinder that sits below the heat pump module in the apartment, whilst the heating circuit could use emitters such as radiators, fan coils or underfloor arrays. 

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fan heater installed at base of kitchen

How do I know what capacity fan coil I need?

Working out what capacity fan coil unit you need requires a lot of factors to be taken into consideration from the outset of a project, including solar gains. These include building orientation, geographical location, envelope construction materials and infiltration alongside internal gains such as lighting, equipment and occupancy. These will have to be considered with any potential plans to install solar shading, as they all have an impact on the predicted performance of a building.

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How to correctly size an ambient loop heat network using diversity factors

As their name suggests, ambient loops operate at significantly lower temperatures than traditional communal high temperature heating systems. This means that a different approach is required when sizing the ambient loop distribution system. Calculation of such systems follows a procedure where diversity is used to determine the design flowrate for a development. It also determines the sizing of pipework and circulation pumps for an ambient communal network solution such as the Zeroth Energy System. The in-apartment flowrates required for the selected size of the Zeroth Heat Pumps can then be calculated.

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