Read the latest stories on the latest renewable HVAC developments.

Read the latest stories on the latest renewable HVAC developments.



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British Gas launches Dimplex Quantum Tariff

British Gas and Dimplex have partnered to launch the British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff, the UK’s most advanced electric storage heating tariff for use with the Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater.


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Debunking the misconceptions of electric panel heating

Modern, energy efficient electric panel heaters that offer a high level of control to users, whilst using low carbon energy, are unrecognisable from the inefficient, clunky panel heaters of the past. Despite technological advances, the perception of electric heating mostly relates to the old technology that grew in popularity with the advent of cheaper nuclear energy in the late 1950s. Traditionally, panel heaters in homes were accompanied by storage heating to make use of the energy generated ‘off-peak’ and assist with under-utilised night-time energy available on the grid. In addition, electric heating has long been a convenient form of secondary heating, for example with the use of portable fan heaters.

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high rise apartments

What is the requirement for HVAC system compliance for a collective housing application?

One regulatory requirement for collective housing applications, or large residential developments, is to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. The updated Part L has been published and is concerned with the conservation of power and fuel in buildings. Fixed heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in new residential dwellings play a large part in achieving the required energy performance of a building and their targets and requirements are outlined in this Approved Document.

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new build flats

How does combining HVAC technologies maximise development ROI and help improve the energy efficiency of developments?

Innovative low carbon hybrid electric technologies are increasingly coming into focus for modern developments where electrifying HVAC technologies can help maximise the ROI and improve energy efficiency. Changing legislation focuses on increasing energy efficiency standards for new domestic dwellings. The move away from natural gas is expected to become necessary for new residential buildings by 2025 and could be beneficial for their compliance from 2022.

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What are the barriers to increasing uptake of low carbon heating technologies?


With heat accounting for approximately a third of the UK’s greenhouse emissions, the decarbonisation and electrification of heating in homes will play a central role in achieving the UK’s 2050 net-zero carbon target. The transition from prolific use of high carbon fossil fuels to low carbon heating presents the industry with many challenges. The relatively short space of time in which environmental targets need to be achieved means that the electrification of heating must be accomplished at great speed.

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Dimplex event 2024

A to Z: Joint ASHRAE UK and CIBSE event to host presentation on Zeroth from Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation will present at the CIBSE East Midlands & ASHRAE UK Midlands Chapter Joint Event for professional engineers and architects. This is a prime opportunity to hear from some of the most respected authorities in the heating and ventilation and building services engineering sectors, and learn about some of the most cutting-edge technology to date in the UK.

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