Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs)

High efficiency air-to-water units providing renewable heating and cooling services to domestic and commercial buildings.

High efficiency air-to-water units providing renewable heating and cooling services to domestic and commercial buildings.

Why air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are an ideal solution for most project types and sizes, as they don’t require as much space and are generally easier to install than a ground or water source heat pump.

The two types of Air Source Heat Pumps

Monobloc heat pumps

Self-contained air source heat pump units installed outside, connected to the heating system and hot water cylinder within a dwelling.

Split system heat pumps

Air source heat pumps that comprise an outdoor fan unit and an indoor heating unit, offering incresed installation flexibility and reducing spatial requirements.


Ease of installation

ASHPs offer quick and easy installation as they only require an electrical and water supply connection. Their key consideration is to allow for air flow, making them an ideal solution for projects where space for a ground or water collector is limited.

Efficiency and range

Heat pump efficiency is measured as a Coefficient of Performance (COP). Our highly efficient ASHPs have a COP of circa 3.5+ at a water temperature of 35°C, including internal and external units, with reversible options for comfort cooling. We also offer evaporator protective coatings to extend system life against corrosion.


Testing and standards

We have multiple heat pump factories, including Germany, France and Ireland, with access to state-of-the-art testing facilities to provide you accurate heat pump information. Our products are tested to the latest EN standards, including EN 15316, EN 14511 and EN 14825.


Application design

When choosing Dimplex ASHPs our application engineers will be able to offer advice on applying the solution to your project. This includes hydraulic schematic advice for single and cascaded units, alongside guidance on buffer vessels and water cylinders.

Product specification

We offer a range of three-phase air source heat pumps for commercial and residential applications.


Product Range Description Nominal Rating at A10/W35* Controller Max Flow Temp
LATU High efficiency air to water heat pump for external applications 25 -60kW WPM ECONPLUS controller

This is a BMS compatible controller via additional plug in cards, able to work with BACnet and ModBus
LATUR High efficiency, reversible air to water heat pump, utilising heat recovery, for external applications 60kW 60°C
*A10 = air temperature 10°C / W35 = water temperature 35°C

We offer a wide range of CPD UK and CIBSE accredited CPDs covering different aspects of the design and specification of heat pumps. All CPDs can be delivered online or in person.


Dimplex is here to assist you in your project with expert information. Our frequently updated and curated content library is here to break down key information, finding you the correct specifications and saving you essential time for your project.

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We can offer hands-on face-to-face training on Dimplex products, including heat pump principles and servicing, and a course covering our Edel hot water heat pump.

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We offer bespoke heat design solutions for your home or project and design support and guidance when specifying HVAC solutions

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