Heat pumps

Renewable energy solutions for sustainable buildings using natural sources such as air, ground and water to provide heating, cooling and hot water.

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Monobloc H
Monobloc H
Monobloc H

Heat pumps are the perfect partner for heating and cooling systems designed to work at lower water temperatures, helping to support the design and construction of more energy-efficient buildings.

Types of heat pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs)

These are well suited for residential and commercial projects of all sizes including high-rise buildings. For new residential dwellings, monobloc and split system heat pumps are ideal solutions for efficient hot water generation and space heating.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs)

This type of heat pump has a larger space requirement than their air source or water source counterparts but offers better all-year-round efficiency. They are ideal for projects where early consideration can be given to groundworks and infrastructure.

Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs)

This variation is best suited to developments that are located near a large body of water. This could include a canal, borehole, lake, or river, where they can draw heat energy from.

Hot Water Heat Pumps (HWHPs)

These are a low-carbon technology for heating hot water, designed to be installed within a building. This allows specifiers their choice of space heating technology, such as gas boilers or direct-acting panel heaters, as part of a hot water heat pump system.

Ambient loops

This system type is capable of providing heating, cooling and hot water services to medium and large multioccupancy developments using a network of water-to-water heat pumps connected to an ambient loop. Ambient loops can significantly improve the energy performance of a building and reduce the risk of overheating in communal spaces.

Heat pump support

Application design

When using a Dimplex heat pump, our engineers are able to offer advice on designing the heat pump into your project, including buffer vessels and cylinders and hydraulic schematic advice for both single and cascaded units.

Quality and range

We manufacture a wide range of high-quality heat pumps, including reversible and high-temperature ranges. We have solutions suitable for internal and external installation, as well as heat pumps that are MCS approved.

Efficiency and cost

Developing heat pumps that have high efficiency in relation to their cost is key at Dimplex. The true efficiency of our products can be seen through their Coefficient of Performance (COP) calculations.


GDHV offers a wide range of CPD UK and CIBSE accredited CPDs covering different aspects of the design and specification of heat pumps. All CPDs can be delivered online or in person.

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Product training

We can offer hands-on face-to-face training on Dimplex products, including heat pump principles and servicing, and a course covering our Edel hot water heat pump.

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A technical guide to the specification of heat pumps for single dwellings and multi-occupancy residential or mixed-use developments