Hybrid electric HVAC solutions

Our hybrid electric solutions are flexible and can help significantly increase the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon emissions of developments.

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Components of hybrid electric HVAC solutions

Our Hybrid electric HVAC solutionsare customisable and flexible. They typically utilise the compact,
internally installed Edel hot water heat pump to deliver the highest energy demand service, domestic hot
water. Paired with a variety of space heating and ventilation solutions, such as electric panel heaters and
mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), these solutions can help to significantly increase the energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions of
a development under new building regulations by maximising the contribution or electric, renewable energy
whilst maintaining competitive capital costs.


Edel hot water heat pump

  • Compact air source heat pump integrated with a 170, 200 or 270l hot water cylinder into a single unit
  • High coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 3.36
  • Low operational noise and remote controllability for occupant comfort that fits into a standard utility cupboard

Visit the Edel hot water heat pump dedicated page. 

Direct acting panel heaters

  • Choice of modern designs
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • Energy saving smart features

Visit the direct acting panel heating dedicated page. 

Quantum high heat retention storage heaters

  • Cost-effective heating and energy storage solution  
  • Programmable and automated controls help control energy use
  • Ideal for pairing with Edel hot water heat pump in electric system refurbishments 

Visit the high heat retention storage heaters dedicated page. 

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

  • Extraction of stale air, moisture laden air and supply of fresh, filtered air for improved indoor air qualit
  • Recovery of up to approximately 92% of heat   

Visit the mechanical ventilation dedicated page. 

Bathroom panel heaters and electric towel rails

  • Choice of modern designs
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • ECO mode for increased control over energy usage

Visit the electric towel rails dedicated page. 

Intelligent HVAC controls

  • Cloud based network that connects all enabled heating technologies for complete convenience of remote control 
  • Integration with building management systems (BMS) for easier reporting, servicing, and maintenance
  • Energy reporting to reduce carbon impact and running costs 

Visit the intelligent HVAC controls dedicated page. 

Technical Resources

Find more technical information, including controls for our HVAC solution, and download product BIM files and brochures as well as other industry and product relevant resources here.

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We have a number of CIBSE accredited CPDs on direct acting panel heating, including presentations on passing Part L with electric heating, Lot 20 and specifying hot water heat pump and panel heating solutions.

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