The cost of running portable heaters

Overall, electric portable heating remains one of the most cost effective ways to provide emergency or supplementary heat for a particular space in your home or associated living and working spaces.

The actual annual running costs for an individual room/property will vary according to many factors such as lifestyle, insulation levels, weather conditions, correct sizing of heater, appliance selected, room temperature required and energy tariff chosen.

The information given here should be taken as a rough guide only.

In order to get a broad idea of the running costs for your heater you can use this calculator:

Energy input (kW) x pence per kWh= running cost

For example a 2kW fan heater run continuously (without stopping) for 1 hour would be:

2kW x 14p/kWh = 28 pence per hour

(Calculation is based on 0.14p per kWh - please check with you current electricity bill for an actual hourly rate you are paying. Calculating an accurate running cost varies from room to room because of many variables, number of door, windows, aspect and so forth.)

The higher the kilowatt rating of a heater, the more expensive it is likely to be to run, although it will heat a space more quickly. However, many Dimplex portable heating devices come with the latest thermostatic control which can reduce running costs from as much as 30%.

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