radiator in room

Portable Electric Radiators

Incredibly durable, virtually silent and requiring no maintenance, most of our portable radiators have been BEAB approved and feature castors and integrated carry handles for added portability and ease of use. They are available in two types of technology, either patented, energy saving oil-free variants or traditional oil-filled versions.

Why choose an oil-free radiator?

Easy to use

Easy to use

Oil-free radiators come with a choice of simple controls, with some even using Bluetooth controls


Rapid and responsive

Oil-free technology has up to 30% faster warm up compared to oil-filled*


Energy saving

Oil-free radiators use up to 10% less energy compared to oil-filled, helping you control the cost* 



All Dimplex oil-free radiators have a three or five year warranty


No maintenance

Oil-free radiators require no maintenance


Eco friendly

Oil-free radiators have a low carbon footprint and no special recycling requirements

Why choose an oil-filled radiator?

easy to use

Easy to use

Oil-filled radiators come with a choice of simple control options



All our oil-filled radiators come with a one or three year warranty


No maintenance

The oil inside will not need maintenance or draining

*Glen Dimplex test laboratory results - based on 2kW Cadiz versus leading competitor 2kW oil-filled column. Test parameters: energy used to heat the room from 10°C to 22°C for 5 hours and then switched off. Under the same test parameters the 2kW oil-free column achieved 20% faster warm up, 9% energy saving and 10% lighter in weight.