Keep your family safe with Dimplex's electrical heating checklist

When used correctly, electric heaters are one of the safest ways to warm a room, making them ideal choice for family homes. As winter has arrived, now is the ideal time to evaluate your electrical heating to make sure you remain cosy and safe this season.
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When looking to buy a safe electrical heater, you should look for a UKCA marking. This marking is the new product marking that is used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It covers most goods which previously required the CE marking, known as ‘new approach’ goods.

The majority of Dimplex’s portable electric heaters are BeAB (future UKCA marking) however some of our older stock may still have the CE marking. Our products offer a mix of safety features including a run back timer to ensure a heater switches off, rather than remaining on for extended periods of time, over-heat cut out functions and a built-in tilt switch which automatically turns the unit off when it’s knocked over—ideal for homes with small children or pets.

For families looking for ease of use, Dimplex’s FutuRad and Qube Fan heater features electronic climate control. These have eco heat mode, which enables the radiator to work out the most efficient way of reaching the desired temperature set point. This feature is designed to save time and money by avoiding continuous adjustment of the thermostat or power levels often associated on other radiators.


Our top tips for safely using electric heaters:

  • When looking to buy an electric heater, choose to buy from recognised manufacturers and retailers, and only choose a product that has a BEAB (future UKCA marking)mark. Always avoid buying second-hand heaters.
  • Put your heater on a level surface and away from any potential obstructions. Try to choose a heater with a tilt-switch feature that will turn off the heater if it is knocked over.
  • Do not power a heater from an extension lead as these can be easily overloaded, causing fires.
  • Never cover, drape or leave clothing on an electric heater. Never use it to dry your clothes!
  • Keep your heater a safe distance, at least a metre, from clothes, curtains and furniture.
  • Always turn off your heater and allow it to cool before moving it.
  • Your heater should be regularly inspected for damage and deterioration. Do not use it if uncertain or if there is apparent damage.