New EPC legislation affecting private landlords

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From April 1st 2018, all private rented properties in England and Wales must achieve an Energy Performance Certificate ‘EPC’ rating of at least ‘E’ before landlords can grant a new tenancy (unless exemptions apply). From 2020, the same will apply to all privately rented properties, even if there has been no change in tenant.
quantum storage heater in the living room of a house

This legislation forms part of the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), under the Energy Efficiency Regulations 2015, which aim to raise the efficiency of homes in the private rented sector. This means many private landlords must improve the EPC of their properties and should consider where this can be done when approaching planned upgrades or responsive maintenance.

There are a number of easy ways to increase the EPC rating of a property:
• Loft insulation
• Insulate cavity walls
• Energy efficient lightbulbs
• Draught proofing
• Renewable technology such as solar panels and heat pumps
• Upgrade the heating system

If you are a landlord with electrically heated properties, then investing in a High Heat Retention heating system can improve the EPC rating of a property by up to 11 points, potentially raising it by a whole band.

The Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater is recognised in SAP as a ‘High Heat Retention Storage Heater’, offering reduced running costs and improved energy efficiency ratings. The range also offers benefits such as being maintenance-free, backed by a long warranty, and BEAB safety approval - the highest safety standard available to test to in the UK.

dimplex quantum digital controls

For tenants, its clever use of off-peak energy can provide up to 47% savings when compared to an electric convector or radiator system, and up to a 27% saving compared to a traditional storage heater system* - This can be a valuable selling feature when letting.

Your tenant may even qualify for ECO, giving you access to grant funding towards this upgrade. For more information on this scheme, search for ‘Energy Company Obligation’.

By upgrading your electric heating system to one that gives EPC improvements, you save yourself the hassle and expense of improving other parts of your property and the potential need to replace your current heating system in the future. This one change provides a solution to two potential issues, future proofing your heating system and raising your properties EPC rating.

For more information on how to improve the EPC rating of your properties, please contact your installer.

* Dr John Counsell – Independent Running Cost Report available on request.