• Unvented cylinder give high flow rates for efficient hot water delivery ideal for powerful showers and fast-filling baths.
  • Powerful showers and fast-filling baths.
  • Fully compatible with all tap fittings.
  • Light and easy to handle for simple installation.
  • Surface mounted thermostats and sensors for easy installation and maintenance/replacement.
  • Supplied complete with inlet safety group and external expansion vessel.
  • All connections accessible from the front.
  • Slimline models are ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Environmentally sound performance Pipework routing optimises internal stratification, thereby maximising hot water availability.
  • Side hot water draw off connection, minimises heat losses through the top of the cylinder.
  • 60mm of injected polyurethane foam insulation exceeds CHeSS best practice standards for low heat loss and heat recovery.
  • Completely void free, including insulation around immersions and thermostats.
  • Recessed immersion heaters and thermostat housings reduces heat loss.
  • Anti-Legionella: guaranteed self-sterilisation of the cylinder, whilst keeping set temperatures lower during normal operation to help reduce running costs.

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