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Why use air treatment

in a typical home?

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Air treatment is vital to the health and wellbeing of you and your family, and Dimplex offer a wide range of products to suit your lifestyle and perfectly address your needs. As well as using air treatment products, it is important to regularly clean your home and wash linen and fabrics which can house dust - and don't forget to turn on the extractor fan when cooking to help reduce grease and steam in the air where dust and pollen are likely to linger.

Benefits of air treatment


Mould and damp control

These are very common and perhaps the most visible side effects where humidity levels are too high. A musty smell usually indicates the first sign of a room with poor air circulation and humidity issues. Besides the not-so-pleasant scent, mould can also put your health at risk if you breathe in the spores. A dehumidifier will noticeably reduce condensation and damp, and prevent mould.


Dry your clothes faster

We all know it can take a long time for clothes to fully dry on a clothes airer indoors, especially during winter. By diminishing humidity in the room, a dehumidifier will speed up the drying process, leaving you to enjoy clean and dry clothes sooner.

Dust mite

Fight off dust mites and bacteria

Excessive moisture in a room can increase the amount of dust mites and potentially harmful bacteria in your home. A dehumidifier will keep humidity levels under control, making it harder for dust mites to multiply.

Air purificiation

Breathe easier

If you suffer with allergies or asthma, an air purifier will help by filtering the air in your home. With an active carbon filter, specially designed to capture large dust particles and pollen, these help keep the air in your home clean and you breathing easier.

Air treatment pet

Reduce allergens

During the spring and summer months, pets are likely to spend more time outdoors where pollen and other allergy triggers can stick to their fur coats. This means an increase in the pollen and dander floating around your home in the air. As well as using an air purifier, make sure you bathe and groom your pets regularly and wash their bedding in hot water to avoid additional irritants indoors.

mist diffusion

Moisten the air

Central heating can seal and dry out the air in our homes, making it uncomfortable. Humidifiers and diffusers reintroduce a controlled, low level of humidity to your home, ensuring the top level of air quality for you and your family.

Essential oils

Fragrance your home

Aroma diffusers allow you to fill your home with your favourite fragrance whilst also gently humidifying the air.