Low carbon HVAC systems for residential apartments

Support with the specification of low carbon HVAC technologies for Building Regulation compliance in residential apartments

HVAC for Apartments
HVAC for Apartments
HVAC for Apartments

Rethinking HVAC specification in residential apartment buildings

The updates to Approved Part L, F, and the introduction of the new Part O, are to be implemented on the 15th of June 2022, with a one-year transitional arrangement for individual buildings ending in June 2023. This update paves the way for the introduction of the Future Homes Standard that is required by 2025, changing the way we specify HVAC solutions in residential apartments.

We offer a range of low carbon HVAC technologies designed to support the drive for more sustainable, and better performing, residential apartments. Our solutions offer you greater flexibility when it comes to meeting requirements for space, aesthetics, and compliance, and have been designed to offer commercial benefits across the design and installation process.


From initial specification to product design and installation training, we offer end-to-end service and support. This also includes bespoke services such as witness testing for project specific fan coil systems.

CPD: Low carbon HVAC technologies for Building Regulation compliance in residential apartments

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Low carbon HVAC technologies for residential apartments:

When it comes to effective HVAC solutions, we know that specification is driven by unique project criteria. Our residential apartment heating, hot water, cooling and ventilation technologies are all fully scalable and flexible to ensure specifiers can deliver low carbon solutions which help meet compliance.

Communal Ambient Networks

The Zeroth Energy System combines an ambient loop, central plant or district heating network connection, and in-apartment heat pumps to provide HVAC services to residential apartments.

Hot water heat pumps

Edel hot water heat pump is a low carbon, energy efficient solution, utilising air source heat pump technology to provide hot water in residential dwellings

Heat pumps

Our air source, ground source and water source heat pumps are renewable energy solutions for sustainable buildings that use natural sources to provide heating, cooling and hot water.

Mechanical ventilation

We supply purpose designed mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) and intermittent ventilation (IMV) to maximise the energy performance and improve ventilation strategies in low air permeability developments.

Intelligent HVAC Controls

Our range of intelligent HVAC controls interfaces to remote and centralised control systems, and are capable of networking wirelessly. We give you the tools to enhance occupant comfort and help monitor and manage energy usage in your building.

Range of space heating and comfort cooling emitters

Our fan coil units, direct acting panel heaters and intelligent fan convectors are designed to give you full flexibility when specifying efficient, attractive space heating solutions to apartment occupants.

Technical Resources

Visit our technical resource page to view a range of our solutions which are suitable for residential apart developments, including BIM files, spec sheets and compliance guides.

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