Supplementary heating solutions for homeworkers

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With homeworking becoming a way of life for so many of us this winter, it’s important to find a balance between keeping warm and not wasting money on the heating.
Dimplex M2GTS Midi fan heater under a desk

Portable heaters are the ideal solution and there are many different types on the market to suit varying lifestyles and budgets. Dimplex’s eco-friendly, oil-free portable heating range is one such solution allowing you to heat just the room you are working in. Using patented technology, the collection offers a variety of benefits to suit all preferences. Here are six reasons why an oil-free portable radiator is the best option for supplementary heating in the home:

  1. Plug in and go - Oil-free electric portable heaters simply plug in and warm the room... That’s it! There is no installation needed, making them the ideal answer for almost any room that requires spot heating, or for introducing heat to areas of the house where the main heating system doesn’t extend, such as a conservatory or loft conversion.
  2. Fast, powerful heating - Being oil-free, you don’t need to wait for the fluid inside to get up to temperature, offering a more rapid heat up when compared to traditional oil-filled counterparts. Dimplex’s ECR Eco Column range offers up to 20% faster warm up time when compared with its oil-filled counterpart and the patented technology allows the radiator to reach 12% higher room temperatures, all the while using 9% less energy, helping to control the all-important running cost.*
  3. Eco friendly - Oil-free radiators have no special recycling requirements, unlike traditional oil-filled radiators. As they contain no oil, there is no risk of any leaks or spillage.
  4. Portable - Dimplex’s oil-free range can be moved easily from room to room, or even property to property, and then easily stored away in the summer when no longer required. They are also on average 10% lighter than oil-filled radiators, making them even easier to move around the home.
  5. Easy to use - Dimplex’s oil-free radiators have a range of features depending on the model, making it easy for you to maintain your required comfort level. easy to use rotary thermostatic controls.
  6. Wide choice - Dimplex offers 14 different oil free models, across 5 ranges. 

*Glen Dimplex test laboratory results - based on 2kW oil free versus leading competitor 2kW oil-filled column. Test parameters: energy used to heat the room from 10°C to 22°C for 5 hours and then switched off. The 2kW oil-free column achieved 20% faster warm up, 9% energy saving and 10% lighter in weight.