Residential Refurbishment

Energy efficient and adaptable HVAC solutions for cost effective modernisation and refurbishment of residential dwellings.

Energy efficient and adaptable HVAC solutions for cost effective modernisation and refurbishment of residential dwellings.


Dimplex has a range of solutions designed to help building professionals update HVAC systems in residential dwellings. We offer fully electric space heating, domestic hot water and ventilation solutions as well as heating and cooling emitters that all help with achieving compliance, delivering better performance and creating healthier homes.

At Dimplex, we realise that each refurbishment project is different and not a one size fits all process. Each specification will be carefully driven by the dwelling type, any local planning requirements and the most cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of the building whilst maximising the occupants’ comfort. 

Storage heaters

Storage heaters are an effective electric solution allowing occupants to make use of lower tariffs for their heat. Installation costs are reduced through the eradication of hydronic pipework.

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Heat pumps

Dimplex heat pumps are renewable energy solutions for sustainable buildings using natural sources such as air, ground and water to provide heating, cooling and hot water.

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Panel heaters

Electric panel heaters are versatile and easy-to-install solutions that provide electric heating to residential spaces and come complete with easy controls and modern energy efficiency features.

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At Dimplex, we offer end-to-end support, from initial specification through to product design and installation training. This also includes bespoke services such as witness testing for some of the project-specific systems.

Our range of accredited CPDs provides you with key information on compliance, product ranges and specification.

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Our resource hubs are designed to provide access to key information whether looking as an installer, specifier or key customer.

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Our team is on hand to provide you with design recommendations for the application of our products and solutions to your space.

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Our brochures cover information about our products including technical specifications, installation information and other key features.

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Decarbonising housing stock and the electrification of heat in buildings

Guide to RdSAP

We prepared a guide to RdSAP that explains how simple changes to housing stock can help registered providers improve EPCs, client comfort and reduce their carbon footprint.


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